Find out what Karate did for Ally.

Karate America’s 4 Keys to Excellence.

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Succeeding on your own terms.
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Using positive peer pressure to hold to a higher standard.
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Having a village of individuals committed to excellence.
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Black Belt Leader
To become a role model for others to follow.
Testimonial Lisa for Cody “You try to give your children whatever you can to make them successful adults. If this makes Cody even half as successful as I think it will, it will be well worth it.”

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Adult Female Student Kim “My biggest concern before I started karate is that I wouldn’t be able to do it…but once you get going you realize you can do it.”

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Black Belt Learning Cycle

By having small victories every day, students are better able to rise to the challenges in class, but also in every day life.

Whether child or adult, the refinement of one’s character does not happen in an instant. It is a process. But when you understand the steps, the process is easy.