A Mighty Oak

acornWhat do yo think the odds are of your child living up to their potential?

As a parent, you want your child to grow up to be healthy and happy.  And you want your child’s life to be easier as they grow up than yours was.  But will they grow up that way?  There are a few factors that come into play.

As far as healthy goes, it’s eating in moderation and realizing that if it comes in a wrapper that it’s not an ideal food source.  But even the ones wrapped by nature are often sprayed with chemicals.  So when it comes to your child’s health, bear in mind 80% is derived from the foods they eat, regardless of whether they exercise.

How your child views themselves is the key to their overall happiness.  We feel happy to the extent we feel in control.  The more in control we feel about our situation and our capabilities the happier we become.  Therein lies the key to your children’s happiness.  Teach them to be in control.

We cannot control things outside ourselves, but we can control how we feel and act toward the things that happen outside us.  Teach your kids this axiom and they will take a very different look at the world around them… and act in more control.

All children have the seeds of greatness within them.

Kids have wonderful imaginations.  They think they can conquer the world.  That’s a good thing as long as it’s tempered with a little humility.  For your child to live up to their greatness they need one great character trait.  Confidence!  We only strive toward bigger and better things in proportion to our level of confidence in those things.

This is what makes martial arts so powerful.  Kids start out knowing little or nothing, and through the course of little successes they become black belts.  Suddenly they have a whole new outlook on life.  Obstacles become challenges to overcome.  Mistakes are opportunities to do things better the next time.  And perseverance is the catalyst for permanent change.