Service from a different perspective

“Kind words do not cost much.  Yet they accomplish much.” -Blaise Pascal

I’ve been talking to our students about service and how we serve and help others.  Most of the talks have been based around doing kind things for people and donating our time, money or other resources.

But sometimes people don’t need services of these kinds.  They just need to know you are there.  Do you know someone who has just started going through a divorce?  How about someone who just lost a loved one?  Unfortunately we all do.  How do we best serve these people?  By letting them know that we care, and that we’re there if they need us.

These are important things to talk through with kids.  They are emotionally mature enough to be empathetic towards people who they normally know on a “average day” basis.  They can see and understand when someone is upset, but they don’t necessarily know what to do about it.  Teach your child about being supportive.  Teach them what to and what not to say around people who are having a crisis.

Sometimes the best service we can give others is moral support and kind words.