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Health for Kids- Believing is Seeing.

Kids are eating machines.  If it’s edible and not under lock and key, they’re going to eat it.  Kids burn an incredible amount of fuel every day because of their high metabolism.   And the faster the fuel can be absorbed, the more they like it. Of course the fastest absorbed fuel is simple sugars, which […]

Do Not Set A New Year’s Resolution!

Don’t do it! Don’t set a New Year’s resolution.  As a whole, they don’t work.  Why? Because most resolutions are geared toward taking things away.  And nobody likes things taken away. Instead, focus on setting goals.  Do it for all the major areas of your life; health, family, career, finance, philanthropy, spirituality and fun.  As […]

The End and the Beginning

This year is rapidly coming to a close.  It is a time for reflection and planning.  Think about your health and fitness over the course of the last year.  Did it get better, worse, or stay about the same?  Where do you want your health and fitness levels to be next year? How about your […]