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Loyalty in Divorced Families.

Loyalty has been the main focus for this month in my karate school.  My students know that they should show the greatest amount of loyalty to their parents, because they are the ones who do the most for them.  The challenges comes when kids live in a divorced family. There are two parts the divorced […]

Helping Kids Understand Loyalty.

Loyalty is a major part of life.  We are loyal to family, friends, and businesses.  But help kids understand what loyalty is, and is not, can be a little challenging.  In a nutshell, loyalty is serving those you respect because of their willingness to serve you.  Parents are the ones who serve us most growing […]

Teaching Children Respect

Parents want respectful children.  There are many aspects to developing respectful children.  First is recognizing that respect, like any other skill, is developed.  At some point in our lives we’ve all been confronted by the person who demands respect.  But that respect is not earned and is short lived.  On the other hand, most of […]