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Teach Kids to be Babies.

Do you know the biggest reasons kids fail at anything? They almost always fail because of lack of confidence.  Lack of confidence creates doubt.  Doubt creates poor decision making.  Poor decision making leads to taking inappropriate or no action.  Wrong action leads to more self-doubt.  It’s a perpetual cycle that creates nothing but heartache and […]

Health for Kids- Believing is Seeing.

Kids are eating machines.  If it’s edible and not under lock and key, they’re going to eat it.  Kids burn an incredible amount of fuel every day because of their high metabolism.   And the faster the fuel can be absorbed, the more they like it. Of course the fastest absorbed fuel is simple sugars, which […]

Success or Failure?

One of my favorite quotes is by author, entrepreneur, speaker Brian Tracy; “Everything counts.  Everything either adds to or takes away… nothing is neutral.  Everything counts.” When parents think about raising their kids, they mostly want to see their kids happy and healthy.  Yet parents do things that take away from the child’s long-term happiness […]