Family Martial Arts

Growing stronger working (and playing) together.

Now more than ever, families seem to be getting pulled apart. Not by any one major thing, but a lot of little things that add up. Between their school and extra-curricular activities, your work, running to meetings for all of you and other obligations, it’s now wonder you feel a little “out of touch” with your kids. Then there’s the influences from 3,000 advertisements per day and negative news to add on top that.

Right now is the time to have the greatest influence over them. You know what it’s like to be disciplined, considerate, hardworking, confident and optimistic. Wouldn’t it be nice to form stronger bonds with your children while they work alongside you to see how you developed these powerful character traits?

Here’s the secret that makes family class so powerful for you and your kids. In class, you are all students. The kids here the things you say to them all the time being reinforced by the instructor, but since you are a “student” they think it’s a lesson for all of you. Then it is just a matter of you saying, “Remember what the instructor told us about having discipline?” Parent’s use this all the time with great success.

Positive Feedback Loop.
Let’s not forget the part where other families are working together as well. Kids quickly start to understand what working like a family unit means when they see other kids doing the same thing with their parents. Your child quickly sees how others are working together in a positive fashion, and then will do the same thing. In turn, they become more successful with you which will make them want to do it more. It creates a “positive feedback loop.”Here’s what I see in family class. Moms and dads working with their kids in an environment of mutual cooperation (and trust-?), laughing and smiling together, challenging each other, and working on strong “Family Team” cooperation skills. I see families having FUN as a family.Neither you nor your child needs to be athletes. Martial arts has been around for 2,000 years for one reason only. Just about anyone can do it. For you and your child it’s about being better tomorrow than you are today. You don’t have to worry about looking silly (I know that’s a major concern for both kids and adults) because everything starts out very basic and builds. Can you stand on one foot for two seconds? (Go ahead, give it a try.) If you can, then you can do karate.

A Time Saving Benefit.
One of the best parts of family class is this. You are all getting the same workout AT THE SAME TIME. You’re not trying to figure out when you’re going to work out while running your kids to their workouts. Plus, you have someone to work out with when you’re at home or if you’re on a trip.

Think for a moment about how much simpler life would be for planning homework, dinner, and a little downtime without feeling like you’re rushing to five directions at once. Even if you gained just two hours a week, that’s over 100 hours per year. What could you do with an extra 100 hours each year!

Two options for getting started.
The first option is to simply enter your name and email and press the “Get More Info” button. This will take you to a page with the class schedule and our web special, and give us a tentative time and date for you and your child’s first appointment. One of our staff members will give you a call and finalize your first appointment.

The second option (easiest) is to call Karate America at (920) 983-7477. You will speak directly with Christine, my friendly Student Services Director. She will take care of everything for you.

Remember, this is a completely risk free way to see if martial arts is right for your child.

I look forward to meeting you and your child.

Ron Achenbach
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