Specifically Designed For Kids in De Pere

Developing new athletic skills, infused with important life-skills, while having a "Yes I Can" attitude, so they can:
  • Develop better agility, balance and coordination
  • Learn practical self-defense skills
  • Be successful in whatever they choose


Kids Martial Arts
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Karate America’s 4 Keys to Excellence!

Our Purpose
We teach people to believe in themselves and hold themselves to a higher standard. We lead by example. Every day!
Our Core Values
Are these the values you would like your child to be exposed to?

“Building a better community one Black Belt Leader at a time.”
  • Individual Succeeding on your own terms.
  • Teamwork Using positive peer pressure to hold to a higher standard.
  • Community Having a village of individuals committed to excellence.
  • Black Belt Leader To become a role model for others to follow.

Classes Designed To Help Your Kids Succeed in School and Beyond!

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